A Speedy Song

Tabasco is Red, Paprica is too, 

Dear General Gracias, Happy Birthdays To you. 

This is Important ! Message ?

 - by Manuel 1968

For the  ”Speedy Gonzales - The Movie”  in 3D HD

There are People in Space

Yes, there are People in Outer Space and Inner Space. Not all are friendly.

I had only one UFO Sighting, it was a GIF Animation.

Problems of Computer Programmer

Here is a Hardworking Computer Programmer. He can face these problems

  • Back and Neck Pain - Align computer, use ergo furniture, take a long walk.
  • Eyesight Problems - Lighting to be proper. Monitor brightness keep low.
  • Nervous Ailments - Like the tapping feet and jittery hands - No cure.

Last one is supposed to be a joke, try laughing.

Peedy the Green MS Agent

Peedy the Green Talking Parrot is an Agent. He was my friend in Y2K. Do not trust that Green Bird above, entirely. He is a MS Agent.